[COVID19 INFORMATION] Manip’ 100% at your service during the new lockdown

Dear customers,

The second lockdown in France began on Friday 30 October. We had prepared ourselves for it.
Moreover, we are continuing to operate without any disruption and remain fully committed to your needs.

– Factories will remain open, with production capacity unaffected
– Deliveries will be made as normal
– Your field sales advisors will continue to visit dealerships by appointment
– Your factory, after-sales and parts sales advisors are available by email or telephone

Day-to-day, our employees are encouraged to work from home where possible. Meetings are primarily conducted using remote communication tools. Nevertheless, the offices are open to all employees who wish to attend, to our customers and suppliers for small group meetings when a physical meeting is unavoidable, and to applicants for interview.

Understand that Manip’ is right by your side. We will keep you informed of any changes to the situation.

Together, let’s remain prudent.

We hope to see you very soon,
The Manip’ team