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    Designing, manufacturing, producing and marketing handling equipment for agricultural and telescopic tractors of all brands.
    Offering you a high-quality product that you can count on day in, day out, whatever your needs.


    To listen to you in order to develop your products.
    To offer you products to suit your everyday handling needs.
    To guarantee the service you expect.


    Our design office is dedicated to the creation of new solutions: from brackets to control systems, we design solutions to equip more than 5,000 tractors on the market, from the oldest to the newest models.


  • History

    RIBOULEAU MONOSEM takes over MANIP’ in Loudun (ex SONOMECA loader manufacturer AGRAM since 1966). Manufacture of MANIP’ front loaders continues in Loudun.

    Significant investments are made in the Loudun site. Expansion of the area covered, installation of a shot blaster, powder coating and plasma cutting machine.

    Inspired by the MP'175A, a new range of front loaders is created. MANIP’ MPowers are even more practical with their MANIP’Lock as standard, allowing farmers or stock breeders to change tools in the blink of an eye.

    Launch of a new range of front loaders: MClassic/MStandard loaders (with or without parallelogram) consisting of integrated rigid hydraulic lines and a new simplified locking system. MANIP’ unveils its new range of modular cast weights.

    MANIP’ invests in a 3D scanner to speed up bracket design.

    MANIP’ invests in highly efficient means of production, an HD plasma cutting table, and a digitally operated folding machine and saw.

    MANIP’ develops and markets a full range of telescopic implements.

    MANIP’ presents the biggest loader in the world, the MPower 350, at SIMA. This loader equips tractors over 250CV with a lifting capacity of 3.2 tonnes at 5.50 metres.

    Release of a new low-cost range of loaders called MBasic. This range consists of 5 loaders recommended for tractors from 40 to 120 CV.

    Release of a new range of implements (multipurpose bucket, earth bucket, versatile bucket)

    MANIP’ invests in the health and wellbeing of its employees. All workstations are equipped with handling equipment and each welding station is equipped with a smoke extraction system.

    An update to the MClassic range with the addition of parallelogramm connecting rods covering is presented at SIMA. At the same event, the MANIP’ DRIVE 3 joystick appears in mechanical and electrical versions.

    Release of a low-cost range of multipurpose buckets.

  • Commercial team

    1 // Damien BEAUDOUIN

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    Email : damien.beaudouin@manip.eu

    2 // Frank BREGER

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    Email : frank.breger@manip.eu

    3 // Cédric DAVID

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    Email : cedric.david@manip.eu

    4 // Benoit DESCAMPS

    Mob. 06 18 17 22 83

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    Email : benoit.descamps@manip.eu

    5 // Pierre HENRY

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    Email : pierre.henry@manip.eu

    6 // Etienne DENOEUD

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    Email : etienne.denoeud@manip.eu

    7 // Olivier FAVARO

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    Email : olivier.favaro@manip.eu

    8 // Thierry LAGLEYZE

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    9 // Patrick BATIQUE

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    Email : patrick.batique@manip.eu

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